Cole Swindell is in the moonshine business! Well kinda, he teamed up with Sugarlands Shine as a part of their artist series, and his is perfect for the holidays!

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Cole Swindell teamed up with Sugarlnds Shine to make his own signature Peppermint Moonshine! Which is perfect for the holidays, how good would that be in some hot chocolate?!

It's available now, and there's several stores in the Tri-State already selling it! According to Sugarland's Shine's website, here's the places in the Tri-State carrying Cole's Peppermint Shine!The moonshine pictured above is not Cole Swindell's artist series shine, but it's the Peppermint Flavored moonshine his is inspired by! I didn't see the Cole Swindell version of the bottle as Schnucks yesterday, but that doesn't mean it won't be there soon! According to Sugarlands Shine's website, they're carrying it already!

When I checked their website, there's roughly 60 locations in the Tri-State area carrying Sugarlands Shine! Click here and type in your zip code to find the closest one to you so you can pick up the special Cole Swindell edition!


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