Have you been turned away for not having a clear bag when trying to enter the Ford Center or Victory Theater for events? We can help!

Last month you might not recall that both the Ford Center and Victory Theater implemented their new "Clear Bag Policy". This is to help provide a safe and secure environment for concerts and events. Since the change I have noticed people talking about it and how they were sent back to their cars or had to get a plastic bag elsewhere.

After last nights concert at the Ford Center, Travis Sams called and told me so many people were being sent back to their cars because they didn't have clear bags. One couple didn't think he was serious and when they got to the front of the line they were told the woman's bag needed to be clear or she had to take it to her car.

If you happen to be in this predicament in the future, look for the WKDQ truck because you're in luck! We have the perfect clear bag just for you.

Clear Tote_NovaSportWear_Walmart
Ford Center

To follow up on the policy and rules,read more here: New Clear Bag Policy Coming to Ford Center and Victory Theatre.

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