Does your child love adventures? Do they enjoy a good mystery or puzzle? Maybe they should become Spy Kids with the CIA.

Like me, when you hear "Spy Kids," you automatically think of the movies with the same name. While those movies are a little far fetched, it doesn't mean that your kids can't become Spy Kids themselves.

The CIA has a website targeted to children wanting to learn more about the agency. You can explore the site with your kids and read fun CIA stories and even learn about Spy Dogs...yes, those are real. After learning about the CIA, and your kid is ready to become a spy, they can embark on secret missions of their own by checking out the games section. There, you can help crack codes, solve puzzles, and find secret clues to solve intelligence mysteries.

The site even has lesson plans for parents and teachers to help them learn exciting things about the CIA. According to the website, you can explore CIA lesson plans and “briefings” on topics like spy history, code breaking, and how intelligence actually works.

It's a great way to get your kid's mind racing. They can excel in problem solving and have fun doing so. To get started, you can visit the Spy Kids page by clicking here. Read through it, and then let your child release their inner Spy Kid.

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