I've heard a lot about Chris Janson on social media over the last year or so, but all I really knew about him was that he co-wrote "Truck Yeah" for Tim McGraw with my good buddies from The LoCash Cowboys.  Friday night at the Opry, I interviewed him and watched him perform two songs.  Now, I'm a BIG fan.  Not just of the performer, but of the person!

I first saw Chris get out of his car with his wife, Kelly, and two of his small children in tow: Georgia, a pretty little blonde that could be twins with my little 3-year old, and Jesse, still in the baby carrier at just 4-months old.  I could feel the love in the room when I was doing the interview.  He even speaks of their relationship, which touched my heart, and then watching them from the side of the Opry stage as daddy went to work was a show in itself.  Jesse was dancing in his mother's arms, and Georgia was trying to dart onto the stage, all while Kelly just watched with a smile full of pride.

She SHOULD have pride because her husband put on one amazing show.  From the energetic, almost spastic (in a good way) performance of his new song "In The Middle" to his second tune, "When I'm Holding Her" which was basically a vocalization for the love I already saw in his eyes for his wife, he caught my attention for sure.  I leaned over to Kelly during the latter and told her, "We have to get him in for a show!"

Listen to our chat backstage

And check out a performance of one of the songs he sang that night!