I'm pretty sure that this Chandler, Indiana man has a twin that is a country music icon.

The other day, my friend's aunt, Wanda Brinkley, shared a photo of her husband, Andy. The caption said "I think I married Hank Williams Jr." Now, I have seen Andy many of times, but I never saw the resemblance until I saw this photo. With the hat and sunglasses, he does favor Hank Jr. a bit.

Wanda Brinkley/Facebook

Can you see a resemblance? If ole' Andy had a fuller beard like Hank does, I think it would be uncanny. Here's a side-by-side look to compare the two.

Getty Images/Facebook

Of course this isn't the only case of celebrity look-a-likes here in the Tri-State. Do you remember the Brantley Gilbert look-a-like? What about the Boonville girl who looks like Carrie Underwood?

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