I loved Friends so much!! I'm not sure there was anybody that didn't love the sitcom that began in 1994 and ended in 2004. It was so funny, so insightful, so lazy and had the perfect cast. I have actually seen the actually set on a visit to LA to visit my brother. It's a lot smaller than the camera angles made it look. 

I haven't played with Legos for years because my kids re all grown up. But, to create Central Perk, I'm going to play with again, all by myself. Thank you, Lego. 

Who was your favorite character? Phoebe was mine. She was so weird, quirky and hilarious. 

In my opinion, Lisa Kudrow's character is one of the top TV supporting characters of all time. She played the part of Phoebe with perfect comedic timing and utter perfection. 

Here are my top five female prime time supporting comedy actors of all time : 

  1. Sue Ann, from Mary Tyler Moore Show
  2. Karen, from Will and Grace
  3. Phoebe, from Friends
  4. Jackie, from Rosanne
  5. Florence, from The Jeffersons

All of the these characters are unforgettable. As supporting characters, not the stars with the story line, they took whatever brief about of time that they got on screen and made the absolute most of it. Great actress, great characters. 

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