If you've ever been on the internet, chances are you'v heard of a cat cafe.  It's a place cat lovers can go and relax, drink some coffee, and hang out with cats.  Today the Vanderburgh Humane Society posted an update about the upcoming cat cafe that has animal lovers super excited!! 

Marbles is currently up for adoption through the VHS
Marbles is currently up for adoption through the VHS

River Kitty Cat Cafe is still in the baby stages of development, but hopes to be open sometime this Summer! According to a post on Facebook from the Vanderburgh Humane Society the cat cafe will feature adoptable cats from the humane society. So it's a great chance to not only go and hang out with some cats to de-stress, but also a great way to meet cats that you could be interested in adopting!

Here's what the VHS has to say!

We have an extremely exciting announcement to make!

Later in 2017, Evansville's very first cat cafe will be opening downtown... and it will exclusively feature Vanderburgh Humane Society cats up for adoption!

Cat cafes are becoming very popular across the world and in the U.S. River Kitty Cat Cafe will be only the third one in Indiana. Generally speaking, cat cafes are businesses that serve beverages and/or food, and then patrons can choose whether or not to eat in the cat area (usually for an additional fee.)

River Kitty is still in the early stages, and no other details nor an opening date have been announced. One thing's for sure: this will be the purr-fect spot for cat lovers, and a wonderful opportunity for more people to see, and hopefully adopt, our VHS kitties. Be sure to like and follow their page for updates!



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