Quarantine makes us all a little nutty, right? I mean I played wine soccer last night. Sip a wine - score a goal. The more you drink, the better you play. So, when I saw my friend Emily's post today - I just knew she and her husband Matt have way too much time on their hands right now.

Matt Holweger is a history teacher and football coach at Castle High School in Newburgh. He also has another superpower - he can recreate Eric Church pics to be almost identical to the country singer.

Emily Lene' Holweger said in a Facebook post:
Over the last year, several people have commented that Matt looks like country singer Eric Church. Or vice versa.

When my friend Tonya sent the pic on left a few days ago, with the comment her daughter thought it looks like Matt, I felt a side-by-side was in order.

Chief meet Coach. Coach meet Chief. 🎸🏈

Do country stars need stunt doubles? 😂

(Note: Matt is NOT the ‘pose for Facebook picture’ type guy. This should tell you exactly where his current quarantine emotional state exists.)

Holweger family
CBS/Holweger family

What do you think? Brother from another mother? I think so too...

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