I worked in the school system for 12 years before I started in radio. Mental health issues plague many, many of our youth. A huge problem and stress for many school age children is bullying and peer pressure. These problems, has been swept under the rug for years, but not anymore.

Carrie Underwood and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, are idolized by teens across the country. This week, the spoke out for teen mental health. In support of the youth-driven organization D.I.F.D. (Do It For Daron), which works to raise awareness and get people talking about teen mental health.

D.I.F.D. was created by the friends and family of Daron Richardson, a teen who took her own life when she was only 14. Richardson was the daughter of Luke Richardson, assistant coach for Fisher’s former hockey team, the Ottawa Senators’.

The organization works with young people to remind them of their value and to offer resources to help them get through tough times.

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