During the holidays, we are bombarded with images of joy and laughter. It's a time to enjoy, appreciate, and spend time with those you love. As you know, THAT is not always the case. Sometimes the merry, merry, hee-hee, turns into gritting teeth. After all, where there is love, there can also be resentment and anger. If this is YOUR relationship, can it survive another year? Maybe. The key is honesty. 

Relationships are very difficult, you know they are and you try to cooperate and get along even when you would rather yell and scream. Often times you chose to overlook or keep things inside because it makes things more peaceful. But what happens is an eventual explosion, which often seems devastating but is sometimes a good thing.

How could an explosion EVER be good? Well, it forces you to face the things you have been hiding from your partner and more importantly, yourself. I'm not going to lie, it hurts bad - REAL bad. Facing your insecurities about your partners feelings is AWFUL! But if they exist, you MUST face them. That is the only way you can ever resolve them or sadly, move on - and no matter how it works out, you win.

Just remember, be kind to yourself and be your own best friend. Although the truth hurts, be able to tell yourself THE TRUTH - even though it hurts like hell and it scares the poop out of you. Through all the pain, tears, and screaming, you may not only come away with a deeper love for you partner, but a deeper love of yourself. Ultimately, your tomorrow could be better than today.

The best bet is to always express your feelings regardless if they are good or bad. Never lie to the one you love, only love them or chose NOT to love them with honesty and your tomorrow could be better than today.

Happy New Year!!! :-)



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