There's a new debate on social media going on right now and I want to get your thoughts.

Remember back in the day when the internet was debating on whether or not a certain dress was black and blue or gold and white? After that, there was an audio clip that went viral that sounded like both "Yanny" and "Laurel." Those are just a few examples of famous internet debates. Now, there is a new viral debate that people can't figure out.

There's a video on  TikTok of people chanting a phrase over and over again. What they are chanting exactly has been met with a lot of debate. Here are a few things that people are hearing:

  • "Bart Simpson Bouncing"
  • "Rotating Pirate Ship"
  • "That Isn't My Receipt"
  • "Lobsters in Motion"
  • "That Is Embarrassing"
  • "Lactates in Pharmacy"
  • "I'm Chasing Martian"
  • "Baptism Piracy"
  • "That Isn't Mercy"

Take a listen to the video. What do you hear?

While I can see how you can make an argument for each of those ideas as to what they are chanting, in reality only one of those options is the correct answer.

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What that crowd is really chanting is "That Is Embarrassing." Fans of the Derby County Football Club in Derbyshire, England have been known to chant that saying at games. You can even see the audio that's tagged in the video that clearly says "That Is Embarrassing - Derby County FC FanChants & DCFC Fans Songs".

While that solves the debate, it's still hard not to hear the other sayings whenever you listen to the video...especially "Bart Simpson Bouncing".

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