A recent study just found the most filmed location in every state. You may or may not be surprised by the location that has the most film credits in Indiana.

There have been several movies and television shows set in our home state of Indiana. I'm sure that you can think of a handful off the top of your head. Sometimes in these movies and shows, they may say that it's set in Indiana, but the filming locations aren't actually in the state at all. Case in point, the show Parks and Recreation. The show was set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. There are a handful of scenes in the series that were shot in Indiana, but most of it was shot in a studio in California. However, there are still quite a few films that did shoot on location in Indiana. When you think about all of the shows and movies shot here, what would you guess is the most filmed location in the state?

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Most Filmed Location in Indiana

Recently, the website HawaiianIslands.com released the most filmed location in every state. Here's how they came up with their findings:

HawaiianIslands.com analyzed IMDb data to identify the U.S. locations with the most film credits, not including movie studios. We categorized the top locations by state, type, and genre to rank the most filmed locations in each category.

Out of all of the filming locations in the state of Indiana, the most filmed is the "Racing Capital of the World," the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The speedway has 12 film credits to its name on IMDb. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway just missed the top 10 most filmed sporting venues by two film credits.

Was that the location that you would have guessed? You can take a look at the most filmed location in all of the other states by clicking here.

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