Because of the rise in C-section births, mainly due to advances in prenatal screening, rise of multiple births and larger babies, the genes that give women a wider pelvis, for a traditional birth, are now becoming unnecessary. So, females are being born with a smaller pelvis, thus affecting human evolution. In the future, women my not be able to give birth WITHOUT having a C-section.

After a FB follower said this was the dumbest thing she had ever heard, Leslie thought she needed to put this into perspective.....

...... It is in reference to the mother, not the baby. Female babies are being born with smaller pelvises than 100 years ago. Scientists believe that more c-section births are the reason. It appears that over time, female genetics are, basically deciding, that women no longer have the need for 'birthing hips.' So, the theory is that in the far future, ALL women may have to have c-sections. I know it sounds crazy, but evolutionary change is happening all the time. Humans, like other animals, adapt to change. Just thought it was cool because we don't think about OUR bodies changing, just birds and lizards. LOL Have a great day! - Leslie 🙂

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