Who says that a lot of snow is a bad thing?

We have fallen on some hard times lately, so any time we get the chance to save some money, we should take advantage of it. That includes adult beverages. Busch Light is giving most people the chance to do just that.

Busch Light announced that they will be bringing back their "Snow Day" promotion this year. This means that they will be deducting $1 from the price of its beer for every inch of snow that falls in the 32 states across America (plus Washington, D.C.) where residents are eligible for the discount. The discount is based on the inches of snow in one specific city in each state between now and the end of March.

As far as we in the Tri-State go, there is a bit of good news and bad news. Let's start off with the bad news. For some reason, Indiana is not a part of this promotion. I know, I am just as disappointed as you are. I was looking forward to taking advantage of this deal since Busch Light is my go-to beer, but it wasn't meant to be for us Indiana residents. However, if you are a resident of Kentucky and Illinois, you are eligible for this discount. As far as the good news, since we don't get much snow in the Tri-State, the discount is based on the amount of snowfall in Chicago and Lexington...where snowfall is more abundant.

Now, I should mention that there is a little catch to their "Snow Day" promotion. You can only get up to $15 off one 30-pack or $12 off one 24-pack. Plus, you have to pay full price and then wait for a rebate that will be capped when the cities picked to represent each state hit the 15-inch mark. You can keep track of each city's snowfall amount throughout this promotion by clicking here.

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