Busch Light is a delicacy where I am from, but now it looks like the Official Beer of Boonville has a new name. This time of year, everyone is talking about Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. Busch Light is looking to take some of the attention away from them by changing their name to Busch Latte.

Can you imagine a bunch of guys at a tailgate party now?

"Hey Dale, grab me a Busch Latte from the cooler!"

"OMG! Bill, I just LOVE Busch Latte! I'm basic, I know!"

Now, the makers of Busch Latte would like you to know that the beer itself didn't change, just the name. However, they are having a little fun with the new name change on social media!

Heck, they are even selling t-shirts with their new logo. You can check them out and purchase them for a limited time here. Here's to hoping these actually get released as a Limited Edition can, much like those sweet camo cans that they release every year!

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