Brad Paisley is a man of many talents, he can write, he can sing, he can play guitar and he can paint!


There's people like me who can't sing, can't dance, and can't even draw a stick figure, and then there's people like Brad Paisley who has a laundry list of talents.

He was recently asked to help create a mural in the Bridgestone arena in Nashville. As you know Bridgestone is home to the Nashville Predators hockey team. Also the home of country music. So Brad Paisley came up with a design on his phone, a graffiti art themed mural, painted by him and Nashville artist  Rob Hendon to create the graffiti style artwork.

Of course the mural combines two of Nashville's favorite things, predators and country music

Together they made a masterpiece!

Check out the timelapse of the mural below!



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