Last week, we heard stories about women being followed in Evansville stores. These reports continue to spread throughout the Tri-State.

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These reports have been at places like the east side Walmart and Meijer. If you want to read up on what transpired last week, you can get the full details here. However, these reports did not stop, more women are coming forward about being followed by strange men in public facilities.

My best friend's wife had an experience of her own at the Boonville Walmart. It just goes to show that these stories aren't limited to just Evansville, it could happen anywhere to anyone. She offers a warning to women shopping alone. Here is her story:


This report describes the man with a white beard who was possibly in his mid-40's. Based on this description, it does not seem to match the man with short dark hair from the reports last week.

With more and more of these reports coming forward, it is advised that you remain vigilant when you are out in public. If you see something even the slightest bit strange, report it to the store manager, and have someone from the store walk out with you, or contact the authorities. You can never be too cautious nowadays.

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