After a year of hiatus, the Annual Boonville Square Flair is finally returning for some family fun.

It's no secret that the pandemic caused a lot...well pretty much every event to be canceled. It was truly unfortunate as some of these community events serve as major fundraisers that do a lot of good in the community. A lot of these events are ones that people look forward to attending each year with their family. The Boonville Square Flair is one of those events. Last year, it was canceled, but this year the Square Flair is a go!

The Boonville Merchants Association announced on Facebook that the Square Flair will be held on Saturday, October 2nd, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the Square in Boonville, Indiana.

Bring the entire family out for awesome vendors, activities for the kids, a BBQ contest, and live music! So much to see and do on the Square in Boonville this weekend. In years past they have had plenty of things to keep the family entertained like bounce houses, food, face painting, pumpkin painting, and games. The last event in 2019 featured some pretty entertaining things like a pie-eating contest, a hot dog eating contest, and a pet parade. Hopefully, those return this year too!

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If you have never been to the Square Flair, it's an event that the entire family will be able to enjoy. I highly encourage you to come out to Boonville and soak in everything that is the Square Flair!


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