Monday was "School Bus Driver Day," and after hearing our discussion about the vital role school bus drivers in the Tri-State play in making sure our kids get to and from school safely each day, one Boonville school librarian took a few minutes out of her day to give each and every one of their bus drivers a special note of thanks.

Shelly Volz, who works with my wife at one of Boonville's elementary schools, heard us talking about bus drivers Tuesday morning, and how they likely often don't get the recognition they deserve (we assume) despite dealing with a wide age range of kids each and every day confined to essentially a small room on wheels. Not only do they have to keep an eye on the kids to make sure they're staying seated, they have to keep an eye on every other driver on the road in order to keep everyone safe. A job not many people can, or would even want to.

So Shelly took a few minutes out of her day to write this note and give one to each of the drivers at their school along with some candy and snacks:

Shelly Volz
Shelly Volz

From all of us at WKDQ, thank you bus drivers!


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