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I don’t now about you, but I need some good new right now. It does't even have to be something big, just something good. It's the little things sometimes that can make life better. Little things can make a big impact. So, when I found this nifty little invention for my bra, this menopausal woman almost cried tears of joy.

It may not seem like much to you, but I can’t take the heat. I haver night sweats and hot flashes of my own, no less the summer heat added to what is already miserable. I have to admit, I have always disliked the heat. I’m very hot blooded, so unless there is a pool or ocean to cool me off, I’m not likening it.

That why I was so excited earn I saw these feeble bra inserts. Yes, you freeze them in the freezer and then insert them into your bra. I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this. I know many people, women and men of all ages, would benefit form these inserts. Nobody said you had to put them in your bra. But, if you don’t where a bra, because of these, you might start.

The cooling bra pads are from the cooling geniuses at Polar Products. They currently have a 10% discount deal on the boob coolers, so you can get them for $37.11. And, I imagine, worth every penny.

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