It seems as though mullets are making a comeback, and it has made Blake Shelton want to bring his mullet back.

The topic of Blake's mullet comes up every now and then. I mean, he did have one of the 10 Best Mullets In Country Music History. So when the topic of his mullet came up in an interview he and Gwen Stefani did for the "Gayle King Grammy Special", which airs tonight on CBS, he made a pretty surprising statement.

He said, quote, "It's coming back.  There's kids that are wearing mullets now.  And I'm feeling like maybe it's time for me to bring mine back.  I'm not a trendsetter.  [But] I don't mind jumping in on a trend like that."

FanFair Country Music Festival
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Gayle even asked Gwen what she thought about his mullet coming back, and she said  "I've actually offered to go get him some extensions.  We could totally match the color easily."

So it's unanimous. Blake's mullet is making a comeback. Hopefully by the end of 2020, his mullet will be back in all of it's glory.

29th Annual American Music Awards
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Morgan Wallen is one of those "kids" that have embraced the mullet. Not to mention the fact that I have seen several people around the Tri-State rocking the mullet like it's 1990 again. It's safe to say that this fashion statement is getting a second wind that nobody expected.

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