Throughout the years, there have been several fashion statements in country music. Rhinestones, cowboy hats, and of course, the mullet! Seeing pictures of the artists rocking the mullet back in the day, is like going back and looking at your high school year book - embarrassing, yet comical. So who had some of the best mullets in country music?

Well, according to, these ten artist had the best "business up front, party in the back" hairstyle. Let's see if you agree.


  • 10


  • 9

    Kenny Chesney

  • 8

    Alan Jackson

  • 7

    Tim McGraw

  • 6

    Tracy Lawrence

  • 5

    Joe Diffie

  • 4

    Travis Tritt

  • 3

    Blake Shelton

  • 2

    Toby Keith

  • 1

    Billy Ray Cyrus

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