To help us all get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, during the month of October, I will be sharing some Tristate Haunts and Legends stories with you. These are real stories that have happened to people right here in the Tristate.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories and videos will creep you out. WARNING: Don't watch alone.

My Facebook friend, Zach, saw something in front of his car and he swears it was Bigfoot. Lots of other people have had similar sightings. There is even a website to track where in KY Bigfoot has been seen.

I've seen Bigfoot. Was driving between Henderson and Owensboro on the parkway at about 3 am. Came through a curve by the river and I saw a big gray hairy man looking thing standing behind the guard rail. Had to be at least 8 ft tall. Saw him for about 3 seconds before he was out of the light from my headlights.

Not gonna lie, I saw something similar in the same spot.

If you would like to share a story, send me a message on Facebook or comment below.

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