To get you in the mood for Mother's Day here are my favorite songs about Mama. Singing about her has been a favorite theme of country songs since the first records appeared in the 1920's..

The best tributes to Mama were done by Merle Haggard because he really lived the life he's singing about. There were two big hits that he wrote about Flossie Haggard. "Mama Tried" is autobiographical except that Hag didn't turn 21 in prison doing life without parole.  He did spend a few years in San Quentin.

To me this next tune is the #1 tribute to Mother. As you can tell, Hag is older here and he wrote this song as a tribute to his Mom.

Hank Williams Sr. recorded a few songs as "Luke the Drifter". Many had a religious theme like this tribute to Mother from 1951:

"Whispering Bill" Anderson had already recorded this tribute to his mother Elizabeth (known as "Lib")when she passed away in 2001 at age 89. She must have loved "Momma Sang a Song"...

Remember C.W. McCall who gave us the big hit "Convoy" back in the 1970's? He also recorded a tribute to Mothers everywhere. You might find this a little hokey but  every time I play "Roses For Mama" I have folks ask me who it is so they can play it for their mama.

In 1974 Melba Montgomery recorded this piece that was written by the legendary Nashville writer and producer Harlan Howard. He made this comment about the following tune in The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits:

I've never written a song that moves people so much. I've had guys tell me they almost wrecked their truck when they heard it 'cause it made them cry. I had a lot of delightful records in many different languages on that song, but I guess that's probably my favorite song as far as impact is concerned


I'll wrap up my magnificent seven Mother's Day tunes with this one that Glen Campbell write about his Mom, Carrie Dell Campbell. He sings it with Steve Warnier:

There's a whole bunch more that Travis Sams has posted. Just go back to the WKDQ page and scroll down to see his picks that are a little more recent.

Happy Mother's Day. Do something nice for your mom. She'll love it whatever it is.

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