My name is Chad and I am a Pizzaholic. Pizza is my favorite food.  My ride or die.  My ‘death row’ meal. I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. When I travel, I love scoping out the best, most popular pizza places in whatever city or state I am in.  That’s precisely why I decided to make a road trip list for my home state of Kentucky.

So, I jumped onto TripAdvisor and researched the #1 pizza places in each of the ten biggest cities in the Commonwealth. Here they are in reverse order- the best pizza place (according to customer reviews) from Kentucky's 10th largest city to its biggest.

#10- Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders (NICHOLASVILLE)

#9- LaRosa’s Pizza (FLORENCE)

Now, while I couldn’t find footage of the location in Florence, there are plenty of LaRosa’s locations in the northern Kentucky area because LaRosa’s is based in Cincinnati. So, here’s footage of the LaRosa’s in nearby Taylor Mill.

#8-The Original Impellizzeri’s (ELIZABETHTOWN)

I haven’t eaten at the Impellizzeri’s location in Elizabethtown, but I have eaten at a couple of the locations in Louisville. It’s one of my personal favorite pizza places in the state. Their food is terrific.


And their breadsticks (above) are some of the best that I have ever eaten.

#7- Apollo Pizza (RICHMOND)

#6- Fat Kats Pizzeria & Restaurant (GEORGETOWN)

#5- Goodfellas Pizzeria (COVINGTON)

#4- Fetta Specialty Pizza (OWENSBORO)

Fetta’s in my hometown and I have eaten there many times. It's situated about a half block from our incredible riverfront. The pizza's delicious and as meteorologist Ron Rhodes says in the video below, it’s “different from the ordinary fare.”

And Fetta is probably most well-known for its Mashed Potato Pizza. I have to confess. It's certainly my favorite.

#3- Blaze Pizza (BOWLING GREEN)

We recently held a poll on this website about the best pizza places in the Tristate area and various college students and recent WKU grads chimed in and claimed that Blaze Pizza in Bowling Green is the top of the heap. Of course, Blaze is a national chain and here’s a sample of their “fast-fired” pies.

#2- Pies & Pints (LEXINGTON)

#1- Coals Artisan Pizza (LOUISVILLE)

I have eaten at a lot of pizza places in Louisville.  I went to undergraduate school (UL) there and still spend significant amounts of time visiting the city. As a fun matter of fact, I have authored my own list of the The Top 5 Pizza Places in Louisville. However, I have not yet had the opportunity to try out the pizza place that tops the TripAdvisor ratings for Kentucky’s biggest city.

Here’s your introduction to Coals Artisan Pizza!

So, there you have them! The #1 pizza places in Kentucky's ten largest cities!

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