Just when you think that the youth of today will never be able to lead us into the future, they surprise us by teaching all of us a lesson in love, kindness and empathy. They gave a Newburgh mom an incredible gift.

After Tracy Jones daughter, Emily, passed away at the age of eleven from pediatric cancer, she thought she would miss out on many of the coming of age milestones she had dreamt about for her daughter. And, although she will never be able to help get her daughter ready her for prom, two of Emily's best friends weren't about to let Tracy miss out on prom night.  It brought me to tears when I saw this FB post.

We talked to Tracy and she said,

I went to Mehlings house today as the girls put on their makeup and into their dresses. Emily passed when they were 11. We plan to go to the graveyard probably next weekend for them to take the flowers.

We all know those that have suffered unthinkable loss. But, in moments when you are smiling, happy and enjoying a special moment, do you ever stop to think about how the ones that have lost so much are feeling? Do you reach out to them?

I'm so proud of these two wonderful and thoughtful young women. The lesson they are teaching all of us is a message of endless love and forever bonds.

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