They say everything is bigger in Texas and now there is proof, at least as far as beer is concerned. Austin Beerworks, a small craft beer manufacturer in Texas, has just created a one of a kind marketing gimmick that any beer lover would love. A 99-pack of beer!!! Let me say that again....A 99-PACK OF BEER! Whoa.....Homer Simpson just passed out. Austin Beerworks first and primary beer is called "Peacemaker" that will now come in a pack of 99.

The box is seven feet long and consists of three rows of 33 cans....oh, and it weighs in at around 82 pounds. The concept started as a joke, but their customers are totally into it so, they will ship about 20 of these behemoth packs per week.

Craft beers are all the rage right now and the geniuses at Austin Beerworks just got themselves noticed in a big, big way....literally. By the way, if you plan on going out to buy one of these 99-packs, make sure you bring some help and a much bigger might have to rent a truck for that beer run!!


If you like craft beers, don't miss our first ever Oktobeerfest October 18th at the Vanderburgh 4-H center from 4-8pm.


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