Everyone knows that when you are in the Smokey Mountains, you might see a bear. I have been there several times and never once seen one. I've heard of so many other people seeing one, even close up. And now, I have too.

Right after the photo above was taken, as we were walking to get in the car, there he was right there on the other side of the fence. I really liked him, but he seemed kind of bored with us.

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It was super exciting to see him that close up. Quenton was concerned about his mom being close by. Turns out as we watched him make his way around the back of the condo, he was traveling alone.

We saw a family of bears, a mom, and three cubs, while we were driving in the Smokey. Mountain National Forest, but there was no way we were going to stop and take a video of that family gathering Many people were and I felt it was too risky. If the mother bear got irritated, she could have charged those taking videos of her kids.

Sometimes the bears, like with us at our condo, come to you. My Facebook friend, Kim, had a bear climb up onto their deck got right into their jacuzzi.

Can you imagine?!?! You can hear her voice shaking. I had to crack up though. LOL

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