After teasing a name change to "IHOb" late last week, IHOP finally revealed on Tuesday the 'b' stands for "burgers" as they look to branch out from only being known as a breakfast restaurant. Despite announcing the name change as temporary (a.k.a. a promotional stunt), the internet did what the internet does — promptly trashed the idea with a barrage of social media comments.

Comments came from individuals as well as other restaurant chains including Evansville original, Azzip Pizza who dropped this clever tweet in response to IHOP's announcement:

In case you're not following, "Azzip" is "pizza" spelled backwards, so it only makes sense to flip the word "burger" to "regrub" if they were to start making hamburgers (Spoiler alert! They're not). Let's be honest though, if they did, "Regrub" would be a great name for it, and we'd all eat there.

Bravo Azzip! Bravo!


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