USAToday, a local ABC and Fox news stations and several other media outlets are posting stories of official warnings about, what some are describing as Zombie Raccoons that might be headed South to the Tristate.

If you know your geography, there is nowhere for them to go but South. Although the
Zombie Raccoons

Bring them inside and to keep am eye on them when they go outside to play or use the bathroom. I will continue to follow this story and keep you posted. If you see one of these Zombie Raccoons, contact Animal Control immediately.

This story actually scares me to death!

When my daughter, who is now 27, was 2, we lived in a little cabin, on a lake in the woods. I'm the kind of person who loves living in the county and will often have my windows open to let the fresh air inside.

While cooking dinner one evening, I heard a scratching down the hallway and into the bathroom. As I walked nearer to the sound, I also heard a kind of low hissing and we didn't have cats. I slowly turned the corner into the the bathroom and I saw two raccoons outside, using their claws to cut through the window screen.

I quickly grabbed a broom out of the closet to my right and was ready to fight. I lunged toward to window and, very Ninja like, in two strokes knocked them out of the window. It was just in time too. They had cut a huge whole and were ready to creep into my house. It was like they were working together, as a team to get inside. Two were cutting the hole for the others. YIKES! I quickly shut the window and looked outside. There were probably 20 raccoons in the yard and trees outside of the window. ALL waiting to invade my house.

It still sends chills down my spine to think of what might have happened if they had made their way inside. Needless to say, I hate raccoons!

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