If you have an Android device, it might be time to take a closer look at some of the apps you download from the Google Play Store.

Most of us use our mobile devices for just about everything these days, whether we're on the iPhone side of that equation or the Android side. We're not only using our devices for social media or surfing the web anymore, but also for banking, paying bills, and even shopping. However, with that convenience comes an increase in security threats, and some users may be at greater risk than others.

Security analysts at Zscaler regularly monitor the Google Play Store for malicious applications and are now reporting that they've found more than 90 such apps uploaded to the digital marketplace. Specifically, these apps contain "Anatsa Malware," or "TeaBot.," which steals sensitive financial information from global baking applications. Here is how it works, according to Zscaler:

Anatsa banking malware employs a dropper technique, where the initial application appears clean upon installation. However, once installed, the application proceeds to download malicious code or a staged payload from a command-and-control (C2) server, disguised as an innocuous application update. This strategic approach enables the malware to be uploaded to the official Google Play Store and evade detection.

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According to Zscaler, several of the malicious Android apps in the Google Play Store are disguised as tools such as file managers, editors, translators, and so on. Specifially, it seems these digital thieves are leveraging decoy applications such as PDF readers and QR code readers. Zcaler experts did not list all of the 90 apps that contain this malware, but they did name two that Android users should avoid. They include one titled "PDF Reader & File Manager" and another called "QR Reader & File Manager." Upon searching the Google Play Store, I could not find either, so it is possible these apps have been removed.

Zscaler says these malware-infected applications have collectively garnered over 5.5 million installations. In addition to targeting tool apps, the malware can also be found in a small portion of personalization and photography apps. To avoid infecting your device and sharing sensitive information, I would recommend reading the reviews of an app before downloading it. Further, if it doesn't come from an official company, I would also steer clear.

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