Have you looked at your security settings on Facebook????? A large number of users HAVEN'T!!! 

 A new report from Consumer Reports found that 13 million users have failed to do just that, despite Facebook’s attempts to update and strengthen their privacy system and settings.

The report also found some more scary trends among Facebook users. Like, 4.8 million members have released “too much” information about their lives, such as details about where they plan to be on at certain times that can lead to “a potential tip-off for burglars” or “liked” certain health pages that insurers can use against them. The IRS even uses Facebook to research public postings for tax cases, although the IRS forbids investigators from “friending” someone.

Consumer Reports also discovered that Facebook collects a massive amount of information on its customers such as their “likes,” even if they only visit the page and don’t actually click the like button. Plus, thanks to weak US online privacy laws, companies such as Facebook don’t have to tell their users what they do with the information that they collect about their customers. WHAT!?!?!?!?!? BS!!!!!!!!

I don't know about you but, I'm checking my settings AND going to be more careful about what I like and view!!

[The Consumerist]

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