The video below is not at all what you might think. Distracted driving has been a major topic of discussion lately - in fact, we have posted several stories here about that very subject.

A while back, I did a story about a guy who got a major ticket for eating an entire rotisserie chicken while driving. Texting is not number one on the list of distractions while driving, even though it is in the top three - women applying make-up is a major problem behind the wheel.

The folks at Volkswagen have created a public service video about make-up, which has taken many people completely off guard. Volkswagen hired a popular 19-year-old video blogger from the Netherlands named Nikkie - known for her YouTube make-up tutorial videos.

If you are familiar with Nikkie, you will think you are just watching one of her make-up tip videos when all of a sudden it becomes obvious you are watching anything but.

In the UK, one in five women admit to putting on make-up while driving, which you see all the time if you spend any time at all on the Lloyd.

Many states now have laws that prohibit texting while driving and many more states are looking to pass laws similar to the one in California that allows drivers to be ticketed for ANY activity that distracts the driver.

Watch this great public service video, and pay close attention to the wall at about the :51 mark.