Hundreds of Tri-State residents fly the American Flag in their yard or from their house or apartment. Well, an Ohio apartment complex is getting some very unwanted attention after it sent a notice to a tenant, 86-year-old Julia Lease, that she must stop flying the American Flag outside of her apartment, something she has done for 36 years. The reason they gave is even more surprising...they say it "detracts" from the look of the complex. The first notice told her to remove it, the second notice said they would take it down if she did not.

Needless to say, people are outraged and support is pouring in from everywhere including politicians and veterans groups. The complex does have a rule about tenants hanging anything on the exterior of their units.....but the American Flag, are you kidding me?

Unfortunately for the complex, the right to fly an American Flag at your residence is protected under the law in Ohio specifically for rental property, co-ops and condominium complexes.

Lease says she has been doing this for 36 years and wants to know why it is suddenly a problem and I think most of us would agree. Her flag by the way, is still flying. What would you do if you were told to take down your American Flag?