If you are not familiar with the Angry Birds Phenomenon, ask your kids to educate you and the new game is breaking records. Space may be the final frontier for some, but for the makers of Angry Birds, it's a gold mine. The company that makes the computer and mobile phone game, Rovio, announced their new spin-off game, Angry Birds Space has been downloaded more than 10-million times in just three days. The game app was released late last week and according to analysts, the success is mind-blowing.

Peter Farago, vice president of marketing for the mobile analytics firm Flurry, said, "I can't think of another app that has done this well, especially when you consider that they only have a paid version available in the iTunes store. The closest success story I can think of is OMGPOP's Draw Something, which racked up 20 million total downloads in five weeks".

There are also some Angry Birds theme parks in the works in Finland and England with more plush toys and apparel coming soon as well.  Below is a clip from the Angry Birds Space theme. This is only going to get bigger.