Ghosts and paranormal activity have always fascinated me. My family was very open to the idea of spirits living among us because of some things that have happened to family members over the years. Once you see or feel something, life is never the same. You realize that there is more to our reality than what we can see.

I'll share my stories later, first I want to introduce you to Tammy Gyarmathy. Like me, she and her family have a history of paranormal activity.  She herself believes she has a gift, or curse, however you want to look at it. Here is her schilling and at times terrifying story.

...I have seen spirit since I was 5, realized I was sensitive when I was 12. My family and I went to look at a home and I walked in the house and automatically felt an energy there told my parents I didn’t want to live there because it was haunted they dismissed me and we moved in the first week we were eating dinner my room was kitty-corner to the dining room and my stereo turned on by itself it started changing CDs as well.. I sat down after turning it off and said I told you so.. then the tv turned on by itself .... that house was extremely active and I lived in fear until I was about 16 when I started to do research and learn about spirits... then I became super intrigued and started investigating at the age of 20. All the women on my mom's side of the family have the gift my grandma had nine sisters and all of them and their daughters are gifted ... my great-grandma was a witch of sorts... she did tarot and spells... since the house when I was 12 all my homes have been active ... I’ve had an attachment since I was young.. we think it’s some sort of generational curse or bloodline thing.. my last two homes have been extremely active with things moving on their own, shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, doppelgängers, being attacked, and the list goes on. In my career of investigating I have done all sorts of residential cases that go from residual haunting to demonic hauntings, I have investigated historical locations from the states to the catacombs in Prague. I have been on Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Caught On Camera and The Osbournes Want to Believe.

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Tammy Gyarmathy, is from Texas, and she's getting ready to make a documentary about her incredible life with spirits, ghosts, and paranormal activity. Here are some of her clips of the activity caught on camera for her upcoming film. I took the clips and edited them together. First, the original clip and then the same clip slowed down and zoomed in.

The videos gave me the chills, especially the doll and the grandfather clock. I think of Tammy living her whole life dealing with paranormal activity and it makes me shudder. It must have been so difficult for her and her entire family.

For my family, it was my grandfather and me. As a boy, he had a sense of when someone was going to die. It must have been so scary for him to see and know the things he did. He was told, understandably to keep his thought to himself.

I, similar to my grandfather, get vibes from people. My connection to others doesn't involve death. I just know things about them that I shouldn't. I feel what they feel and I absorb their emotions. I never see anything, I only hear music or faint voices, and feel the energy, even spirit, and ghost energy.

My husband likes to test it when we go to places that are historic or haunted. He will move me ahead of the group so I can see if I feel anything in the rooms. Once the tour guide and the group catch up, we listen to the story and see if I got it right. Eerily, I usually do.

Because of my own experiences, I am very interested in the paranormal experiences of others. I will keep you posted on Tammy's documentary. I can't wait to see it.


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