Boxing. The "Sweet Science." Two people squaring off in the ring, each with the goal of dominating the other using nothing more than their strength, speed, and endurance. There is something fascinating about watching two boxers attempt to overpower each other with their raw power, especially when one packs a punch so hard it literally knocks the other unconscious. It's a sport that plays to our primal instincts of kill or be killed if you will. It's even more exciting to watch in person, which you have the opportunity to do on Saturday, June 17th at the National Guard Armory on Evansville's east side.

XFit Boxing Presents Evansville Champions 2

XFit Gym
XFit Gym

The event will feature a number of fighters from Evansville, including two Golden Glove winners and two Golden Glove runner-ups. The doors are scheduled to open at 5:00 PM with the first bout scheduled at 6:00.

The event will also feature a car show before the fights from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, along with a half-pot drawing, and a raffle for a title championships belt.

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Unlike the boxing you may watch on ESPN, Showtime, etc., these fighters will represent a wide range of ages and will be wearing head gear to protect themselves from any serious injury. It will more closely resemble the boxing matches you see during the Summer Olympics.

Tickets are $25 each for general admission with VIP tables for eight people also available for $350 which includes food from Ms. Pee Wee's Soul Food. If you can't be there in person, but would still like to see the fights, it will be available to stream on Pay Per View for $20 through DFTV Sports West.

[Source: XFit Gym on Facebook]

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