The holiday season is here and not only is it a good time to take a moment to appreciate our own good fortunes, but to help those who aren't as fortunate. Or, as in the case with those under the care of Albion Fellows Bacon Center, remind them that despite how they may feel due to what they've experienced, there are people in the community who support them and want them to enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else.

The Evansville-based non-profit who assists adults and children who are victims of domestic or sexual violence, has kicked off their annual "Holiday Drive." The program gives you the chance to purchase Christmas gifts for those they serve that will allow the facility to "uplift and recognize their bravery while ensuring that they (children and adults) have gifts to unwrap during the holidays," according to a statement from Albion’s Residential Program Director, Penny Grubb.

Participation is as easy as jumping online. The facility has set up a registry through Target that allows you to purchase items and have them shipped directly to their location. According to a press release provided by Albion, "Target, Walmart, VISA, and Gas ($10) gift cards" are also encouraged which may be "utilized to purchase everything from bottles for their youngest clients and gas when clients may need help getting to and from appointments."

If you have any questions, or would like to drop off your donation in person, e-mail

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