An iconic Southern Indiana pharmacy has announced that it will be closing for good.

Last year, I wrote an article about Butt Drugs in Corydon, Indiana. It's a locally owned pharmacy that catches everyone's attention by its name alone. Butt Drugs has been in business for 71 years, but unfortunately, the pharmacy has decided that it will be closing very soon.

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For those who don't know about Butt Drugs, let me give you a brief rundown. Butt Drugs is a local pharmacy in Corydon, Indiana with a funny name as well as some funny products. Butt is a family name, and Butt Drugs is a third-generation family pharmacy established in 1952. According to their website:

Our pharmacy, old-fashioned soda fountain, and gourmet confectionery, as well as unique and local beer, wine, & moonshine - are only a taste of our one-stop shop.  Along with the vintage novelty of our store, we have apparel to recognize the uniqueness of our name.

Not only are they known for their low prices, the soda machine, Butt Shakes, and merchandise, but more importantly, their infamous commercial.

This commercial became so much of a hit that it even made its way to Ellen in 2010 in a segment that highlighted funny commercials.

Butt Drugs is Closing for Good

The owner of Butt Drugs in Corydon, Katie Beckort, announced that the iconic pharmacy will be closing on April 29th, according to WHAS11. Beckhort wrote a letter to customers announcing the closure, saying that the decision to close did not come lightly. In the letter, she wrote that changes with insurance reimbursements over the years were a leading factor in the pharmacy closing. You can read the full letter by clicking here.

So time is running out to get your fix of Butt Drugs. Stop by, while you can, to enjoy some Butt Drugs' iconic offerings such as:

Butt Liquors

Butt Drugs has a little liquor store inside that features liquor and beer from all over, especially if they have unique names. Everything from local craft beer, to moonshine, Kentucky bourbon, and more are all featured inside Butt Drugs.

Butt Drugs
Butt Drugs

Legendary Butt Soda Fountain

Not only do they have your everyday sodas, but Butt Drugs also makes their own Old Time Sodas straight out of their iconic soda fountain. They serve things like Sherley Temple, Black Cow, and the Traditional Remedy. Click here to find out more about Butt Sodas.

Butt Drugs
Butt Drugs

Butt Shake, Anyone?

Let's not forget about Butt Shakes. No, I'm not talking about going into Butt Drugs and shaking your rear. I'm referring to their line of hand-crafted milkshakes known as Butt Shakes. They offer a variety of Butt Shakes including their best-selling, Peanut Butter Prescription Butt Shake. You can find out more about Butt Shakes and all of their other tasty Butt Treats by clicking here.

Butt Drugs
Butt Drugs

Butt Drugs is about two hours from Evansville, so if you're making your way to Louisville from here, you'll pass right by the Corydon exit on Interstate 64. You can learn more about Butt Drugs and even order some of their cool merch by visiting their website.

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