People come and go in your life. I also think that sometimes a person comes in your life when you needed them, being good and bad. You can learn from that. I recently met someone that I had went to high school with but were in different clicks. We both have had different paths in life as well. One night he was showing me some stuff that inspires him. I'm not one to watch or listen to anything that would involve me feeling fuzzy inside. Help me if I tear up! I have a pitiful cry face. It surprised me that he liked watching things like that, I wouldn't have thought that. So we're sitting there then he shows me this speech given at a graduation. He even told me that it was a bit lengthy but just watch it.

So its a bit long, but please, just watch it.

Yep, I cried. It was something I needed to hear at that moment. Ive watched it a few times since then, I still take something different from it every time. Someone different could've showed me that same speech, and I might not have gotten a thing from it. I might not have been ready to hear a message from it.

While watching Rick Rigsby give his speech, I don't think my friend knew that I needed to see that. Its odd that I was with him. He may or may not be in my life a week or month from now. I'm glad that he was for that moment. That moment that changed my outlook. That moment that I am grateful for.


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