You know you're from Evansville when....

  • 1

    You count distance in time not miles

    Indianapolis is not 172 miles away, it's "about 3 hours" away.

  • 2

    When someone asks you where SR 62 is you have no idea

    Because it's the "Lloyd Expressway."  This is also how you can tell someone isn't from here.  Also you can't remember which is SR 62 or SR 66 the LLoyd or Diamond Avenue.

    *For future reference 62 is the Lloyd 66 is Diamond ;)

  • 3

    You know exactly who Donna the Hippo is

    And her presence is still missed every time you go to Mesker Park Zoo.

  • 4

    Pizza King

    If "Stromboli" didn't come to your mind when I said that, you are clearly new here.

  • 5

    You will always refer to the casino as "Aztar"

    When you have someone from out of town ask you about the casino in town they get really confused when you refer to it as "Casino Aztar" because all the signs and brochures they read said "The Tropicana"  old habits die hard.

    Also while the plans for the upcoming new and improved casino on land do sound promising, you have an inner conflict because you believe casinos should always be on boats...

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