Halloween is the favorite holiday for chocoholics (like ME!!) and anyone with a sweet tooth. But what do you do when you have WAY too much candy? ? From wisebread.com, here are some fun, creative ways to enjoy your luscious left over treats:

1. Melt in holiday drinks - Whether you are making a punch or your favorite mixed drink, candy makes them colorful and tasty!

2. Candy melts in the heat of the over, leaving you with a yummy, gooey treats - How about...biscuits filled with tootsie rolls, cookies with peanut butter cups or even candy corn chopped up and added to candied yams!

3. Use to marinate and glaze - Pixie sticks make a  great porkchop glaze (red or white wine, vinegar, pixie sticks, salt) or BBQ chipotle sauce with Smarties or Red Hots!! Mmmmmm

4. Spread the sweetness - Give it Nursing homes, doctor's offices, women's shelters, homeless shelters. Everyone loves candy!!!

5. Keep in case of emergencies - Keep a supply of candy in your car.  You never know when you might be trapped in the car during a winter storm or just stranded on a highway with kids  for hours with no food or water. A stash of candy can be a needed distraction or even lifesaving nourishmment.

For more ideas click here!!

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