Sometimes you just want a soda to drink. I have certain sodas I drink with certain things. Like, with a cheeseburger, you gotta have a Coca-Cola. With a sub sandwich, I have to drink a Sprite. And, with cold pizza, I have to drink a big glass of ice cold milk. Ok, I'm sorry, I know milk is not a soda, but I was on a roll. Sorry.

My point is, soda is awesome and should not be messed with. We like the flavors as they are. Mix them up just a little, you know add some cherry or vanilla, but don't get crazy. If you do, you will probably ruin it. I totally ruin my sodas at the soda, mix yourself machines. I've messed ups so bad, they kinda scare me. I'll leave the mixing of sodas to the professionals.

Well, except the makers of these weird sodas. Rocket Fizz and Melba make unique soda flavors that will make you happy and make you gag. Take a look.

16 Soda Flavors That Shouldn't Exist

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