I've started working remotely and doing the Q Crew Morning Show from home. Only one day in, my husband has already started showing signs of irritation. On the the night of the very first day, I could tell something was different. I sensed that he might ALREADY be getting  little sick of having me around all of the time.

Every other night, since I go to bed before he does, he will come into the bedroom, tuck me in, kiss and hug me goodnight and then, after leaving the door ope for our pets to come and go, he leaves and does whatever he does after go to bed. Well, that night, he did all of those things except leaving the door open. Yeah, he shut it, little hard and tight too.

I thought to myself, maybe I need to find some strategies to help us remain happy through this quarantine AND stay married when it ends and life goes back to our kind of normal. I found my answers and tips in Dr. Phil. Of course he would be there for me and Quenton during this difficult time of adjustment, I should have known.

Dr. Phil talked to TMZ and offered these ten tips to help you BOTH survive each other.



1.  Be honest.

2.  Make a list of annoyances.

3.  Don't argue in front of the children.

4.  Have a SAFE WORD.

5.  Rotation time.

6.  Headphones.

7.  Vary your routine.

8.  Don't be a disgusting slug.

9.  Pay attention to the first four minutes of the day.

10.  Don't judge.


Watch the video of his very entertaining explanations behind each tip, HERE. WARNING: Dr. Phil does say the 's' word. Desperate times call for desperate measures. LOL

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