If you have lived in a town long enough, you know there are certain things that you should never bring up. If you're not from Boonville, you may not understand these things. However, consider this a warning as to what you shouldn't say to someone from Boonville.

10.  “You spell it B-O-O-N-E, right?”

  • No! For some reason it really grinds my gears when someone spells Boonville as Booneville. That would make it sound like "Boon-evil"...

9. Why is it cool to hang out in a parking lot?

  • I don't know, it just is. Don't knock hanging out in the old Walmart parking lot until you've tried it!

8. Boonville? Aren't y'all just a bunch of rednecks?

  • Coming from the person who just said "y'all"...but in the words of Blake Shelton, "Have you ever got down with a red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, redneck?!"

7. What is the Square?

  • Well, it has four sides...and it's otherwise known as "Downtown".

6. Nothing good ever came out of Boonville!

  • Oh really? What about these two gents LOL? (That's Jeremy Spencer from Five Finger Death Punch and the bottom photo is me.)
  • Five Finger Death Punch Visits Nellis AFB To Raise PTSD Awareness
    Getty Images

    5. What the heck is Derr's Soda?

    • Grab a bottle at IGA and get out of town!

    4. There's nothing to do in Boonville!

    • Get off of the couch! There's plenty of things to do in town that would make for a fun day. Just hit me up if you need some help in that department!

    3. I have never been to Tastee Freeze.

    • How do you sleep at night?! If you haven't been there before, go this summer. You can thank me later.

    2. Oh, you're from Boonvegas?!

    • ...haven't heard that one before. For the record, why in the heck to do we even call it Boonvegas, anyway?!

    1. Do you want to go to Mr. Gatti's?

    • Too soon, man...too soon. Gone but not forgotten.

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