Boonville, Indiana is a small town with 6,187 residents, and each of those residents knows these ten things that involves the town!

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Here are the 10 things that everyone from Boonville knows...


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    Tastee Freeze

    I’m pretty sure the opening of Tastee Freeze every summer *is* an event in Boonville. There isn't a night during the summer where they aren't busy. Why? Because it is some of the best ice cream around!

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    You ain't cool unless you hang out at the Old Walmart Parking Lot

    You can drive through town any night of the week and you will see a parking lot full of cars and trucks gathered in the old parking lot with people just hanging out and having a great time!

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    Boonville Christmas Parade

    This annual event just celebrated its 71st anniversary. Fun fact- that happens to be the longest running parade in the state! Practically the whole town is involved in some capacity. They are either in the parade or bringing the kiddos out to watch it!

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    Scales Lake

    Scales Lake Park has it all. From camping to 4th of July Fireworks and even a petting zoo. Not to mention the beach. It's one of Scales Lake's most popular attractions. It's a place that everyone in town has gone to multiple times in their life!

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    Derr's Soda

    Boonville's claim to fame! The delicious taste of Derr's Soda is something that everyone from the town knows about!

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    Miller's Five and Dime

    This is a "traditional dime store" that has been a Boonville staple since 1958! You can find so many awesome things in there from toys to even collegiate merchandise. It's one of those places you have to check out if you are in town!

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    City Lake

    If you are from Boonville, I would be willing to bet that you have done one of the following: walked around City Lake, been to the splash park, played basketball, let your kids play at the park, gone fishing, had a family gathering there...the list of things to do at City Lake is pretty awesome!

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    Boo On the Square

    Each year, the downtown square becomes the hot spot in town to go trick or treating. Families from all over the county, come by to check out the different merchants and the candies they are giving out!

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    Pioneer Bakery

    You might not know it, but Boonville has their own bakery! Some of the best glazed donuts around can be found at Pioneer Bakery. It's not the easiest place to find if you're from out of town, but just ask any of the town folk and they can get you there no problem!

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    Richard's Pool

    Most every kid has spent some time at Richard's Pool in Boonville. I can't tell you how many birthday parties that I have been to there as a child. We would spend the day there swimming, and then walk down to Tastee Freeze for ice cream. Wait 30 minutes (because apparently that's how long you have to wait to swim after you eat) and then hop back in the pool!