Picking a name for your child is very important. Their name becomes part of what defines them. Today, many expectant and new parents of baby girls are choosing names that are considered more traditional, or typically, Grandma names.

Who would have thought that the name Ruby would be trending. HAHA!! I love it!

Here ten of my favorite Grandma names that are super cute for today's baby girls -

Frances - Latin origin meaning "from France or free man".

Hazel - English origin meaning "the hazelnut tree" or the blue/green color

Iris - Greek origin meaning "rainbow".

Esther -Persian origin meaning "star".

Lillian -Latin origin meaning "lily, a flower"

Evelyn - English origin meaning "wished for child"

Ruby -Latin origin meaning "deep red precious stone"

Tess - English origin meaning "to harvest"

Ava - Latin origin meaning "life"

Sandra -name meaning "defending men" **Also my late mother's name** <3

**BONUS** - NORAH - name meaning "woman of honor" **My beautiful granddaughter's name**




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