We've all been there - snagged an item on impulse, got home to realize it was not worth the money or just didn't fit, and raced back for a return.

PHOTO: canva returns
PHOTO: canva returns

Well, actually I have return anxiety. My mom returned so many things to Kmart and other stores that she was on a list. So, I had the job of returning stuff that she bought, and then decided we didn't need. Seriously, I'm sweating a little just writing about it. If I buy something and it doesn't fit or work for some reason, my husband will be the one to return it.

Evolution of Returns

I had no idea that you can return something without even getting out of the car. It's like curbside pickup, just the opposite. Walmart also has the option of sending returns in the mail. But there are some purchases that you will just be stuck with.

Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images
Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images

Walmart Returns

First up, it's probably no surprise that safety hazards are a big no-no for returns. Think firearms, pepper spray, and even those tempting airsoft guns. Walmart wants to keep everyone safe, so these items are a one-way street. The same goes for precious metals like gold bars - once it's in your hands, it's yours to hold (or hopefully sell for a hefty profit!).

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Next, we've got some hygiene and privacy concerns. Used medical equipment and opened pregnancy tests are understandably off-limits for returns. Think about it - you wouldn't want someone else's pre-owned nebulizer, and a used pregnancy test just doesn't hold the same value, right?

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