If you are a television watcher at this day-in-age, you know that when you turn on the TV, you are likely going to see the newest reality show, some form of talent contest or the latest vampire series.  One thing is for sure:  TV is not what it used to be.  Where are the awesome theme songs and opening sequences like we had in the 80's and 90's?  I miss the good, old fashioned television show theme songs from my childhood days, and I can actually still sing most of the themes like they were still on today.  Here are 10 of my favorites.

Silver Spoons

Punky Brewster

Perfect Strangers

Growing Pains

Diff’rent Strokes

Just the 10 of Us

The Facts Of Life

Mr. Belvedere

Family Ties

Charles In Charge

Now that I've jogged your memory, which of your favorites did I miss?  Are there any TV shows today that have a good theme song you like?

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