Reality TV is at an all-time high to the point of being nauseating and some of the people from these shows... don't you just want to choke 'em? It always cracks me up when someone like Kim Kardashian starts tweeting about some very tense political situation like she did when things really heated up between Isreal and the Palestinians. Who is she to say what has to be done...hang on, I need to breathe into a paper bag. Who else are we sick and tired of? How about maybe Lindsay Lohan? Yeah...if that were you or me, we would already be in jail if we did half the the things she has done; for god's sake, just lock her up and throw away the key already!!!

Kate Gosselin seems to be fading away, but what about Octomom, Nadya Suleman...the most irresponsible parent EVER!!! Of course let's not forget the folks of 'Jersey Shore', Snooki, The Situation and the rest of those wackjobs. No wonder the aliens only hover around from time to time in Iowa and never stay.

Another celebrity that we just can't seem to ignore is our very own Taylor Swift, who is seemingly never NOT on TV. Taylor is taking a lot of heat for her dating antics...some are even calling her a serial dater, but Taylor gets as much attention for her music as anything else and there's really nothing wrong with that.

Finally, the most irresponsible show on television has to be 'Teen Mom'. Do I even need to go into to detail about that? And of course we can't forget about Honey Boo Boo who received a pay raise this season to right around $100,000 per episode.....WHAAAAATTT!!!!

I would like to star in reality show about middle-aged, overweight guys learning to pole dance. What do you think about, in a tank top and shorty-shorts learning to work that pole in a way that Batman never even dreamed of, WOO HOO...Now THAT'S entertainment and it will make me millions!!! Who's with me???